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There are a number of books published on Low Level Laser Therapy, many of which are excellent. We particularly recommend the following which we can source and/or supply as required:


Laser therapy studies are published in a host of discipline and application related journals as well as the specialist laser medicine journals listed below:

Photomedicine & Laser Surgery

Lasers in Surgery & Medicine

Lasers in Medical Science

SPIE journals and proceedings

Laser Therapy

Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology

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The New Laser Therapy Handbook

Jan Tunér and Lars Hode (Reprinted 2010)

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“Laser phototherapy has often been looked upon as an "alternative" medical modality. More than 2100 scientific references in this book are telling a different story.”

" Combining the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine with the biophysics of modern high-tech phototherapy, the authors share their considerable knowledge of laser acupuncture and laser therapy here in compact easy-to-follow form. The practical section includes one hundred successful treatment concepts presented in detail."


Volkmar Kreisel and Michael Weber (2012)

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Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture: Treatment Tables

Anja Füchtenbusch and Wolfgang Bringmann (2004)

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"With these instruction programs you will quickly orient yourself to the effects and possibilities for using low level laser therapy and find a direct entry into its applications...More than 200 short sets of directions for the most frequent indications in the fields of traumatology, orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine, throat,nose, ears and dermatology ...with more than 40 detailed treatment instructions..."

"Laser therapy and acupuncture are energetic treatment methods which complement each other well and are also utilised successfully in equine therapy today. This user's handbook intends to enable rapid and practical entry into this field."

Laser Therapy and Acupuncture on Horses: Treatment Protocols

Anja Füchtenbusch and Peter Rosin (Revised edition 2010)

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Laser Theory and Laser Puncture in Dogs and Cats, Treatment Plans

Anja Füchtenbusch and Peter Rosin (2010)

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“…intended to provide a rapid and practical introduction to laser therapy. In addition to a berief outline of how it works, tried and tested treatment plans for the most important indications in dogs and cats are set out in a compact, easily understood and clear manner"

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"The book is basically a guide to disorders and their treatments with Low Level Laser... Actual treatment parameters are included, covering a wide range of problems. This will allow the novice user to apply LLLT with confidence and predictable results... "

A Practitioner's Guide to Laser Therapy and Musculo-Skeletal Injuries

Kerry G Tume and Sean Tume

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Laser Therapy: A Clinical Manual

Jennifer A Blahnik and David W Rindge (2003)

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"This manual is divided into two parts. The first portion explains how lasers work...The second portion presents specific clinical approaches for more than forty conditions with illustrations, point selection, dosage and techniques."

"I learned a lot from this book. There is good practical information, good theoretical information and scientific explanations all in about 260 pages."

Linda Boggie, DVM, IVAS Past President 2006-08

Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture Concept in Horses and Dogs

Uwe Petermann (2007)

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Acupuncturists Guide to Laser Therapy and Musculo-Skeletal Injuries

Kerry G Tume

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"I sincerely recommend this book to all Clinicians and Health Professionals and I feel that the knowledge contained within it is both extensive and usable, particularly as it is based on many years of both theoretical and practical experience of a father and son team.... "

Dr Donald K Bartram BDS Bachelor Acupuncture

"A wonderful resource for infrared and laser in the clinic with excellent simplified scientific background information and specific clinical examples. Truly helpful."

Karen Woodbeck MS, PT, OCS, ATC

Light and Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures

Curtis Turchin (2007)

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