Evaluation of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in the Treatment of the Traumatised Perineum and Caesarean Section Wounds, with a Proposed Clinical Trial at a Later Stage

Pilot Trial on behalf of Leicester Royal Infirmary (unpublished).

P A Jackets. M.C.S.P., S.R.P.

Included in this report are a selection of comments made by patients, on their questionnaires.  In addition to the mainly subjective findings contained in this report, it is of interest to note some objective results.  Where noticeable bruising and/or oedema were present, this was seen to disperse much more rapidly than normal.  The rate of healing of episiotomes, tears and broken down perineums would appear to be accelerated quite markedly.  In all cases of slow healing and broken down wounds it was observed that the patient was anaemic and/or had the remains of stitches in the wound bed.  Substantiating the theory that scar tissue is reduced and less sclerotic following LLLT is an issue that requires further long term investigation. 

Comments from Patients 

• The pain relief was immediate a little bit but the next day it was a lot easier • I could have done with a course of this treatment 2½ years ago with my 1st child • I feel very grateful the treatment was available - albeit on a temporary basis – after I’d had my baby.  It should be available for all women who need it to help them get back to full strength and fitness as soon as possible after birth • This treatment is well worth it and should be a good investment for the Leicester Community if the LRI invested in a machine • BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD.  BETTER THAN ANY TABLETS • I feel that receiving an active treatment gave me a psychological boost too i.e. something was being done to relieve the pain/discomfort • Whilst I felt immediate pain relief – I feel only able to judge the treatment by the relief given lasting about 1 hour – but the physio can see the difference in the bruising and swelling which had improved over a 24 hour period. • I feel that this treatment played a major part in my recovery from a difficult delivery • Felt I could attempt pelvic floor exercises immediately and had been unable to do this prior to the first treatment • Can I take the machine home? • Would have liked to have had more treatments • I hope that in the future that the LRI will provide this much needed service to women on a permanent basis rather than temporary • After 1st treatment did not feel much relief but after the second treatment felt relief straight away and would thoroughly recommend it • Should be more available to women who have had a caesarean section • Excellent use of new technology to relieve pain without introducing drugs.  The treatment is quite pain free with no side effects.  It is a pity more research and money is not spent on relieving the pain related to birth and the discomfort many women suffer.  One does not want to be sexist but if men had to give birth maybe pain relief would be easier.  I am both grateful and supportive to the efforts of Pauline in introducing alternative relief and speeding the process of healing.  Many thanks. Sue … • I was impressed how quick & easy the treatment was, and how effective • Although the pain relief was not felt immediately the pain was never as severe as before treatment.  I felt a gradual decrease in pain which was great • I think I would have to have more than one treatment for any sort of effect  • ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.  THANK YOU • A useful treatment with subjective benefits to the patient.  I would recommend this be available  • Alright at the time when it wears of it seems worse • I can’t say I felt any different after the first 2 treatments but I do believe I felt immediate relief after the 3rd which lasted several hours.  It is difficult to judge the benefits as I cannot say how sore I would have continued to feel without the treatment.  Still less than 2 weeks after the birth I now feel very little discomfort except for one patch which continues to be raw and I am now using a … antibiotic on this area.  Without the treatment I may have still been feeling very sore as I did as a result of the episiotomy after the birth of my first child.  I was sitting with extreme care for about 6 weeks after that! • ……….  2nd treatment – immediate relief again but only lasted 15 months or so. Supplemented pain relief with paracetamol .. 3rd treatment – immediate relief but again short lived • Most of my pain caused by large haemorrhoid and found treatment less effective for this.  Was very good for stitches and bruising.  Feel it was worth having the laser treatment and sure it has helped to some degree • Buy one for the LRI! • Excellent for hurrying up the healing as this was more uncomfortable than giving birth – anything that reduces discomfort is well worth it. • Would have liked to have received further treatment as I felt one was insufficient • This was my second episiotomy, the first receiving no laser treatment at all, the second which was treated with the laser healed much quicker in comparison • The treatment was fantastic and made a real difference.  After my first daughter was born, my stitches were so painful I was in tears several days after the birth.  This time I felt so much better. 

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